About Me

Impassioned humanist, avid technophile and trained journalist driven by the need for innovation in the way we engage current and future generations.

I’m a solutions-oriented game changer with talents spanning content production to SEO strategy, email marketing, data analytics, talent development, brand management, basic web development, audio/video editing and more. I live to discover, elucidate and grow.

  • Managing Editor for SPN, Inc. project VoicesofLiberty.com, a platform for liberty-minded people from around the world to blog, share, engage and take action, with participation from public figures including Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Ben Swann.
  • Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of Chicks Can Code, a not-for-profit startup offering computer language and web development courses designed with in-person and online learning for women and men.
  • Former Editor of the Long Beach Business Journal, a twice-monthly niche publication with a nearly 30-year history as the voice of business for the nation’s 34th largest city.