Hi, I’m Tiffany Rider

I’m co-founder of the marketing agency Scalable Tactics and have enjoyed establishing marketing programs and scaling startups in fintech, regtech, and edtech throughout my marketing career. My bff calls me a “simplification strategist” because I’m good at creating clarity out of chaos.

3c62b5_002b885577074e06ac6e1b37f3b49fb8~mv2A former journalist and news editor, the work I pursue is fueled by a deep desire to understand the human condition and to help others find harmony in life through creativity, whether that be in business or personal pursuits.

My latest effort in this endeavor is serving as the Editor of Big Ol’ Lemonades: Breast Cancer at 30, a new memoir by Leah Jean Cohn, M.S. Ed., available now in paperback and digital versions on Amazon.

A Few Facts About Me:

• I’ve scripted 40+ broadcast news investigations into important global issues, including human trafficking. The segments aired on live TV and digital streaming platforms reaching millions of viewers.

• I’ve traveled around the world to see Radiohead, from Italy to Peru. I’ve watched them perform live 14 times since 2009. My first show was Radiohead for Haiti, a benefit show at the Henry Fonda Theatre that raised more than $450,000 through fundraising partner Oxfam.

• I enjoy creating art, from collage to fiction to choreography. I’ve been dancing since I was six and studied dance for 10 years.