As We Grow, We Must Give

Digital Media Strategist | Broadcast Producer | Managing Editor | Nonprofit Co-Founder

It’s my passion and mission to help others harness their voice and express themselves and their work in a clear, compelling manner.

Thank you for visiting my site. In a nutshell, I’m a trained journalist and editor turned digital media strategist, video and podcast producer, managing editor and nonprofit co-founder. And I get 6-8 hours of sleep each night, if not more.

I love getting my hands dirty in content marketing, social media and project management. I can cure copy, manage marketing and persuade productivity.

My experience in recruiting, training and building relationships with writers from around the world helped turn a new domain into a destination property with a run rate of 1.2 million monthly sessions.

The entire process involved significant market research and product strategy, including developing a network of partner sites and social media influencers with a total reach of 5 million. It required a significant volume of written communications that were both informative and hooked the attention of the reader.

I also led the marketing and public relations effort for the launch and created online campaigns for lead generation and paid subscriptions. All site content and marketing campaigns tied back to a guide I wrote for adhering to the mission and vision of the brand.

As the editor of a print business publication, I wrote tens of thousands of words per month in the form of forecasts, data analysis, reports, hard news articles, feature stories and even listicles. I covered important and complex issues for a highly educated audience of business executives, keeping them abreast of the latest local, state and federal policy initiatives impacting a swath of industries.

Today I help tech and media startups build their business by optimizing productivity and leveraging content marketing. I’ve built engaged customer and brand loyalists using custom content and social media for effective audience development. I’ve stepped in to manage contractors and employees, offering productivity training to create efficient systems and schedules.

This is what I love—helping those pursuing their passions in life and making a difference. I’m grateful to lend my experience and see these individuals and their businesses thrive.

Read the praise I’ve received for my work, then decide how you want to work with me.