“If We’re Not Reading, We’re Writing.”

I had a conversation with the copy editor at the Business Journal yesterday about how all we do is read and write. If we’re not writing, we’re reading.

That is so true, even outside of the newsroom.

See me at the grocery store, and I’m likely to be holding a product and reading its ingredients. I love flipping through “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,” by Christiane Northrup. I’m always making to-do lists, reminder notes and crafting ideas for the future. If a friend has a suggestion for me, I pull out my purse notepad and scribble it down.

My iPhone allows me to read and write through my social media accounts easily. I’m crafting a new articles for Women and Our Health, updating my Facebook pages, reading stories through my NYT Election 2012 app… and if I’m not on Twitter to craft an original, 140-character gem (ha!), I retweet news and interesting quotes.

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