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Hi, I’m Tiffany Rider and I’m a business writer and editor, startup operations geek, and producer of documentary-style investigations into important issues like human trafficking. My bff came up with the title “simplification strategist” because she says I shine when I turn chaos into clarity. I’m also co-founder of Scalable Tactics, a full-service digital marketing agency taking a data-driven, no-nonsense approach to customer acquisition.

More About Me:

• I love running barefoot on the beach. I can do about three miles now, which is an incredible feat for someone who grew up with exercise-induced asthma and couldn’t run a mile without stopping to puff on an inhaler. I chalk it up to the ocean air and singing lessons for proper breathing technique.

• I’ve produced short-form, documentary-style investigations into important issues like human trafficking.

• I lead a panel discussion on leadership at the 2016 Wonder Women Tech conference in Long Beach back in 2016.

• I enjoy creating my own choreography. I’ve been dancing since I was six and studied dance for 10 years. The piece I’m working on now is to Radiohead.

• I’ve traveled halfway across the world to see Radiohead. I’ve watched them perform live 13 times since 2009. My first show was Radiohead for Haiti, a benefit show at the Henry Fonda Theatre that raised more than $450,000 for Oxfam.


Tiffany Rider is an experienced marketing leader, trained journalist, and book editor, with strong product management skills and a passion for helping others harness their voices and express themselves in a clear, compelling manner.

As co-founder of full-service digital marketing agency Scalable Tactics, Tiffany has worked with clients in fintech, regtech, edtech, news and politics, ecommerce, and beauty. Her work has led her to collaborate with prominent public figures including three-time presidential candidate and former 12-term congressman Dr. Ron Paul, and Emmy Award-winning journalist Ben Swann.

Tiffany’s experience in recruiting, training and building relationships with writers from around the world helped turn a new domain into a destination property with a run rate of 1.2 million monthly sessions. The entire process involved significant market research and product strategy, including developing a network of partner sites and social media influencers with a total reach of five million.

As the editor of a print business publication, Tiffany wrote tens of thousands of words per month in a timely manner. She covered complex issues including healthcare and Wall Street reform legislation for a highly educated audience of business executives, keeping them informed of the latest local, state and federal policy initiatives impacting a swath of industries. Tiffany holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University, Long Beach.


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