Long Beach Business Journal

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Past LBBJ articles:

Employee Unions Offer Up Path To ‘Sustainable Pensions’ For 2012 Budget Fix – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/EmployeeUnions_pg27_081611.pdf

Wells Fargo Chief Economist Suggests ‘Microeconomic Approach’ For Job Creation – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/WellsFargoChiefEconomist_pg9_080211.pdf

Made In China: Are Reusable Bags Good For American Business? – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/MadeInChina_pg1_083011.pdf

Distinguished Speaker Series Features William Cohan – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/CSULB_COHAN.pdf

Hyatt Asks Labor Board For Secret Ballot Vote – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/HyattSecretBallotVote_pg1_031511.pdf

Delaware North Out As Operator Of Queen Mary – http://blog.lbbj.com/2011/04/27/delaware-north-out-as-operator-of-queen-mary/

Hot August Nights Cancelled – http://blog.lbbj.com/2011/05/02/hot-august-nights-cancelled/

City Council Approves Sales Tax Incentive Deal With Cabe Toyota – http://blog.lbbj.com/2011/05/25/city-council-approves-sales-tax-incentive-deal-with-cabe-toyota/

Long Beach Council Votes To Ban Use Of Plastic Bags – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/PlasticBags_pg1_060711.pdf

Long Beach Touts Nation’s First Bike-Friendly Business District; Launches ‘Bike Saturdays’ Program – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/BikeFriendlyBusiness_pg32_060711.pdf

Long Beach Business Journal: Feature Writing

Local Filmmaker Michael Bauch Chronicles What Long Beach Can Learn From Dutch Bike Culture – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/FilmmakerMichaelBauch.pdf

The Curb To The Landfill: The Evolution Of Waste Diversion In Long Beach – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/CurbToLandfill_pg20_091410.pdf

Harbor Patrol’s Dive Team Unit One Of A Kind – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/HarborPatrolsDiveTeam_pg74_032911.pdf

‘Rail Guru’ Keeps The Peace Between Marine Terminals, Railroads – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/RailGuru_pg62_032911.pdf

Testing Program Records Progress Of Long Beach Recreational Water Quality – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/TestingProgram_pg1_071911_1.pdf

Coalition Works To Reverse Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis ‘Death Sentence’ – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/CoalitionWorks_pg1_081611.pdf

Local Heart Transplant Survivor Pays It Forward – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/TransplantSurvivor_pg18_081611.pdf

Peace Press Exhibit Addresses Still Relevant Social Issues Of The Past – http://www.lbbj.com/manage/uploads/lbbj_pdfs/PeacePressExhibit_pg32_083011.pdf

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