“Tiffany is a wonderful writer, project manager, leader and a great addition to any organization. She works smart and fast while making important decisions as she goes. She has great attention to detail and wonderful insights on a variety of topics!” – Erin Kanaley-Famularo, former VP for SPN, Inc. and one of the first employees of Facebook

“I watched Tiffany grow over the four-and-a-half years she was part of the Long Beach Business Journal team. Being part of something new, innovative and potentially successful is, as I have seen, what drives her. Tiffany’s energy, enthusiasm helped drive me. She has spunk, vitality and a willingness to try new things no matter how challenging. She made me look good. Tiffany has the potential to be a real leader. I have no doubt in my mind she will excel.” – George Economides, Publisher/Editor of the Long Beach Business Journal

“I had the pleasure of working with Tiffany on an number of creative media packages for the Long Beach Business Journal. I worked with several writers over the six years I was with the Business Journal, but Tiffany’s professionalism and initiative stood out among them. She has a talent for staying focused and collected under pressure. Her positive attitude against the strictness of deadlines was unprecedented at that publication. It was no surprise to me that Tiffany became Editor after only four years.” – Aaron Dees, Applications Engineer at Oracle

“Tiffany is the consummate professional and an excellent journalist. She is a real asset to the Long Beach Business Journal, which is the leading business business resource in our city of over 500,000. She is bright, pleasant and respectful of co-workers and business associates. I have been interviewed by Tiffany numerous times over the last few years and she always does an excellent job capturing the critical elements of the business issues and she always quickly grasps the technical tax issues and other nuances.” – Blake E. Christian, Partner at Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt

“As a student of mine, Tiffany showed dedication and commitment to all assignments in which she was involved, with an ease for quick learning and multitasking. She was also involved with several great assignments for the student newspaper, including many multimedia projects, and any company would be very lucky to have her on its staff.” – Danny Paskin, Associate Professor at California State University, Long Beach

“Tiffany is truly a gift to your publication and to the city.” – Peacebuilders founder/CEO and Millworks developer Michelle Molina to LBBJ Publisher

“Looks like you are expanding your horizons and tapping into your talent — going deeper. As John Cleese said, “creativity is not a talent. it’s a way of operating.” You’re making it happen:)” – Mick Ukleja, President of LeadershipTraq

“I want to thank you for the thoughtful, intelligent interview and article. You did your homework and it is deeply appreciated. You are an asset to the Journal!” – caryn desai, artistic director/producer, International City Theatre

“Please ask your reporter, Tiffany Rider, to quit beating us on stories. She ran rings around us on the PBID (property and business improvement district) issue and now she’s ahead of us on the tunnel story. She’s also accurate which makes this all the more annoying. Kudos to you.” – Bill Pearl of letter to LBBJ Publisher

“I just received a copy of the Long Beach Business Journal and wanted to congratulate you on a truly great story about ‘Philanthropic Organizations Work To Create Sustainable Paths For Addressing Needs.’ The way in which you wove the trends that we discussed during conversation into an entire expose was amazing. Each of the angles that you researched were excellent illustrations of the current trends affecting the nonprofit sector and each provided clear evidence of their impact on services, business models, and community presence. The way you were able to blend interviews with executives from a variety of organizations from healthcare to social enterprise to foundations also gave the Long Beach Business Journal readers a clearer sense that the nonprofit sector is more than one’s own favorite charity.” – Jeffrey R. Wilcox, president/CEO, The Third Sector Company, Inc.

“Tiffany has been the MOST professional reporter thus far! She was the most professional and prepared to interview me. I really appreciated her professionalism.” – Carina Cristiano for the re-opening of Nino’s Restaurant in Long Beach to LBBJ Publisher

“Thank you for the well written, comprehensive article on the Department’s Food Inspection Program! You really did your research for this article and we appreciate all your hard work! Keep up the good work!” – Jackie Hampton, food program supervisor Long Beach Health Department’s Bureau of Environmental Health

“I just wanted to thank you for the very nice article in the LB Business Journal. Over the past two days, I’ve received several calls and email messages from residents of our community telling me how much they enjoyed and appreciated the article. You did a great job summarizing our conversation and bringing out the important points that are relevant to the public. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with you. If you ever have any questions regarding our work here at City Hall, please feel free to call me.” – Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud

“I received the article and both my wife and I thought it was well written. Thank you for the article. Your efforts and that of your paper add a much needed public service in providing citizens with important information that will hopefully make life easier for a lot of people.” – City of Menifee Mayor Wally Edgerton

“I wanted to congratulate you for your well written article and also for the editing – you left just enough to fit the space and were able to have the story flow properly while keeping it simple. Thank you and I look forward to the possibility of working with you and your paper in the future.” – Jess Noguera, president/CEO of Royal 4 Systems in Long Beach

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