Build Your Business & Brand

So you have an idea for a product or service. Fantastic! What is it? Why is it important? How is it different? When can I get it?

Coming up with a name and a logo is a great first step toward positioning the product or service to go to market. But how will you sell it?

Tomorrow’s customers want to be able to identify with a brand—be it a person, place or thing. More than a logo and a name, the product or service needs to stand for something. What do you stand for?

Draw from your own ethics and values. Use them to guide you through the process of building the complete product or service package. Need an elevator pitch? As a trained journalist, I can boil down intricate concepts into digestible phrases.

Let me help you…

  • Conceptualize the right name, color palette and logo design for your startup
  • Establish a voice for your brand across both external and internal communications
  • Produce press releases and blog content that promote the brand and its identity
  • Write and edit marketing copy for your brand website and other materials
  • Create buyer personas to ensure consistency with customer needs
  • Analyze how customers perceive and interact with the brand

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