Organize With Project Management

Have you found that employees, being left to their own devices, are not showing the time management and organization skills they highlighted on their CVs? Is your company in need of a executable plan for a new online marketing campaign? Does your sales team know your product well enough to demo it quickly and close a deal without disturbing your design and development teams?

After years of working as a reporter and editor in both physical and virtual newsrooms, I’ve found that being a managing editor is directly related to operational development and project management.

My experience in recruiting, training and managing content flows from writers around the world has not only helped bring a new domain to a destination property publishing 10 posts per day with a run rate of 1.2 million monthly sessions.

It’s led me to work in business development, marketing and operations at startups across the country. From content production to SaaS, I can work with distributed and in-person teams to create effective systems for communicating clearly and hitting goals on time and on target.

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